Summer Bucket List

    Summer is ending quickly, what have you been doing? From day trips with the kids, or even going to the store you can turn your Summer into the most memorable season of your life. Here’s our Summer Bucket List, how many can you cross off? 




    1. Make a rope swing

    2. rent a kayak2

    3. do a movie night outside

    4. sit in a hot tub while its raining

    5. turn beach shells into chimes

    6. host a scavenger hunt

    7. eat a meal 3outside

    8. crash a wedding

    9. rent a RV

    10. make a time capsule

    11. start a blog

    12. write a letter to your future s6elf

    13. go to a professional sports games

    14. pay for something in pennies

    15. plant a tree

    16. take cooking lessons

    17. get a tattoo4

    18. go to a drive-in

    19. be a tourist in your own town

    20. volunteer at a food bank

    21. take your dog somewhere fun

    22. run through sprinklers5

    23. go geocaching

    24. go on a road trip

    25. make smores

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