Make Your Rented Space Feel Like Home in 3 Easy Steps

    May 17, 2016 - Make Your Rented Space Feel Like Home in 3 Easy Steps (Miami) photo

    One exciting part of moving to your new home is to design it just the way you like it. However, if you will be living in a rental home, making renovations can be difficult and redesigning your space can be limited.

    With a few design tips, you can make your rented space feel like home. Keep in mind, a neat and well-decorated place can make your home cozy and help you feel re-energized too.

    Set up a special corner for yourself. Choose your favorite spot at home and make it into an escape of some sort when you just need to take a time out from your busy life. Think about creating an entertainment space in your living area and designate space for cocktails, magazines, and music.

    Make your bedroom cozier. Get that well-deserved rest by making sure that your bedroom gives you a relaxed vibe. Invest on good quality pillows, bed and beddings. Add mood lighting to make sleep effortless too.

    Brighten up your walls without repainting. Most landlords don’t allow wall repainting but you can still personalize them without using a fresh coat of color. Make your own gallery wall! You can put your family photos, use wall decals, framed prints or even geometric pieces.

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