How To Host a Party

    Hosting a party can be very stressful and challenging! Whether you have hosted one before or not there is a lot of prepping that goes into that big event! Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We have your back! Here are step by step instructions on how to host a party!

      1: Pick a Themeimages (13)

    First things first, pick your theme. This gives your guests something to talk about before and during the party instead of their children or jobs. This will also give your guests a different mindset. Some examples of themes are Hawaiian party, Halloween themed, or a potluck. 



       2: Build Excitementblo7.25

    In order to have a great party you need to make it sound like a good time! You can create a Facebook or Evite event to get the word out to your friends and get them excited to come! Make sure you put photos up too! You can keep posting or talking to people about your event until the day of to build excitement and get people ready to come to the best party thrown! 





      3: Prepare1234

    When throwing your party there will be a lot to prepare for! You should start at least 2-3 weeks in advance planning for your event. This is the time that you use to decide on food, drinks, and condiments. You need to make sure you have enough dishes for all your guests as well.

    During the party, you want to relax and not be in the kitchen while all your friends are having fun! You should pre-cook as much food as you can the day before so that way you don’t have to spend the whole party cooking. You should also clean the house and put up all the decor the day before as well! This is the time to double check all your items needed, especially toilet paper, ice, cups etc.


         4: Set the Moodblog 7.25

    There are many steps to setting the mood. You will need to be awake early to set up your home. You may put up decorations, but setting the mood is more than just that. Put on music to which best suits your theme! This will make it a better, more inviting environment. 

    Once it gets closer to the time guests will show up, you should put out some appetizers for the early bird people! When these guests arrive you should be all set and ready to mingle, be able to sit down, and relax. This will be a stressful day to get to, but just remember if there are any problems, to smile, keep calm, and laugh! 

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