5 Items That Can Help Make Cleaning Around the House Easier

    Cleaning is a chore that not most people look forward to.  After a long day at work, we would rather sleep and rest than clean up the mess we left in the morning. However, we cannot delay cleaning because of health reasons and we don’t want unwelcomed pests to come inside our homes. So instead of spending a lot of time cleaning, we have some tricks that you can use to lessen your cleaning time in half:

    1. A lint remover is not just good for your clothes. You can also use this to pick up dust, crumbs or any small particles of dirt. Try using it on your lampshades, tables and bookshelves. This is very handy for those with kids who usually leave crumbs on the couch or bed.

    2. Plastic food wrap will help you clean your freezer easier. Put a layer of plastic wrap on the freezer to protect it from accidental spills. You can just peel off the wrap and replace it with a new one when needed.

    3. A squeegee is one tool that can help remove pet hair from your carpet. First, push the squeegee on the area that has a lot of fur. The rubber will pull up the fur and there will be little left to vacuum when deep cleaning the rug.

    4. Dryer sheets can help you remove grime from the blinds. They are small enough, making it easier to clean your blinds without destroying it.

    5. Mineral oil can also remove grease stains. All you have to do is pour a few of drops of mineral oil on a paper towel.  Rub it to the greasy gunk and you’re done!


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