5 Fun Decorations for a Rental Home


    When it comes to decorating your rental home, it can be difficult to find ways to get creative and make the space your home without breaking contract guidelines. If you can’t paint or drill holes in the walls to hang frames, don’t fret! We’ve got five fun decorations for your rental home that you can use without altering the space.

    1. Add Patterned Throw Pillows

    Restrictions on painting or altering your rental property can limit your ability to decorate the space and make it your own. Need a pop of color or a fun pattern in your living room or bedroom? Throw pillows are the answer. Find three or four pillows with bright colors or pretty patterns at your local home goods store or online. Arrange them on your bed during the day or on your couch. You can also get a cozy throw blanket to keep folded across your couch for some extra warmth and functional decor.

    2. Set Up Chalkboard Planters

    Have you experienced chalkboard paint?! This clever product works on just about any surface; from walls to tables, you can spray chalkboard paint on a surface of your choice to make it useful. Buy some terracotta pots and coat them with chalkboard paint. Once they’re dry, decorate them with a stick of chalk and gently transplant flowers, herbs, or indoor plants. This is a fun way to decorate your mantel, windowsill, or kitchen table.

    3. Make a Trunk Functional

    The beauty of trunks is that they function as a storage unit and can be used as a coffee table! You can find both new and antique trunks online or at your local thrift store. A trunk adds a unique look to your living space and provides a great two-in-one vessel for storage and decor.

    4. Throw Down a Braided Rug

    Add some texture and color to your rental home with a braided rug. These funky rugs come in all different varieties, from ovular or rectangular to multi-colored or monochrome. Whatever your style, buy a braided rug for a larger living space or simply to accent an entryway. Typically these rugs are less expensive, and can be found at discount stores such as Home Goods or T.J. Maxx.

    5. Get Creative with Washi Tape

    Stylize your space with decorative Washi tape! This amazing tape comes in fun patterns and is easy to remove from surfaces, such as walls. Get creative with Washi tape and adhere it to window frames, a mantel, or create patterns with it on your walls. Be sure to test it out first by sticking a small piece where you plan to decorate and remove it to ensure that it doesn’t take paint with it.

    What fun decorations have you used in a rental home?

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