5 Decorating Tips For Small Spaces

         In this day and age everything is made bigger and better, literally. This being said, decorating a small place may not be the easiest project you have come across. You need good storage space, well organized decor, and of course a way to make the place look and feel bigger! We have come up with 5 tricks on how you can decorate your small place.

    1) White walls and long curtainsimages (10)

    White walls give an illusion of a bigger more open room. Adding colorful long curtains will also help make your place look huge! The more color the better!

    2) Need storage? Wall Shelvesdownload

    Spice up your decorations and storage at the same time! Put up wall shelves to store things like candles and books. While having them look like only decoration, they can still be taken out easily and used!

    3) Gallery Wall=Styledownload (1)

    Using a gallery wall is an easy touch to your small home that will make your walls pop! Style your walls with frames in different sizes and shapes. Different colors are a great touch as well! Don’t forget a photo of your family as well!

    4) Pantry Displaydownload (2) 

    Put your pantry on display! Yes, we said it! Use a shelving system and some baskets with holes to make the coolest decorative, yet useful space! This makes it a easy access, storage, and decorated wall! You won’t be upset with the finished work!

    5) Built In Seatingdownload (3) 

    Built in seating gives many great opportunities for a small space. With this tip you can use less space and have more storage while being able to sit down at your dining table every night! This is a great way to save on space, but still have a nice comfy atmosphere.

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