4 Storage Essentials for a Small Kitchen

    Crunched for counter space? Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination when it comes to finding alternative storage solutions in a small space. Here are four storage essentials for a small kitchen that you can implement today:

    1. Buy a Dish Drying Rack

    If you have a double-basin sink, utilize one side for drying dishes. Adding a dish drying rack saves counter space and allows you to fill up the sink with clean dishes and then add another layer with a rack. This handy unit will keep your counters dry and save valuable space in your small kitchen.

    2. Install a Magnetic Knife Rackknives-687081_960_720

    Save counter space and take advantage of your kitchen’s vertical space! This means ditching your knife block for a sleek magnetic knife rack that you can put right on your wall. Even if you don’t keep knives on your counter, a
    magnetic knife rack frees up drawer your drawer space and makes room for organizing other clutter.

    3. Stock Up on Cabinet Shelves

    Cabinet shelves are one of the best space-saving units you can buy for your small kitchen. Get a bunch of these handy units and arrange them in your cabinets or on pantry shelves. These allow you to stack plates, bowls, and anything else without having to sacrifice vertical storage space. Many cabinet shelves are made with rubber-coated wire, which is easy to clean and doesn’t easily collect dust.

    4. Mount Baskets to Cabinet Doors

    From magazine racks to hooked baskets, there are many different options for mounting storage units to the inside of your cabinets or pantry doors. Opt for a magazine rack to organize your aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper rolls. Take your sponges and scrub brushes off your counter and into a wire basket that hangs in the cabinet beneath your sink.

    What are some ways you’ve saved space in your small kitchen?

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