4 Simple Ways to Create a Comfortable Guest Room


    Show off your hosting skills and make the guest room in your home as cozy and welcoming as possible. These tips for creating ultimate comfort will make your guests want to come back again!

    1. Choose a Practical Nightstand

    Make it easy for your guests to access their book, phone, or reading glasses by adding a nightstand to their bedside. You ideal nightstand will have enough surface area to accommodate a small lamp and your guests’ personal belongings. Even better, find a nightstand with a shelf to store magazines and books.

    2. Stock a Decorative Tray with Essentials

    Provide your guests with basic items such as tissues, bottled water, a night light, and a pen and notepad (with your WiFi password!). Arrange these essentials on a simple or decorative tray and place it on their dresser or bedside table. This will make your guest feel well-prepared for a comfortable night in your home.

    3. Keep It Comfy with Throw Pillows

    All it takes is a few throw pillows to make a bed cozy and comfortable. There are many styles and sizes to consider, but no matter the pillows you choose, your guests will be able to lounge comfortably without getting under the covers. If you prefer decoration over functionality, there are plenty of throw pillows that will simply accent your bed.

    4. Assemble a Basket of Towels & Extra Bedding

    No need to wait to give your guests towels when they ask. Plan ahead and fill a large basket with rolled up towels and extra bedding. When they arrive, they’ll have what they need for a comfortable stay.

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