4 Must-Have Furniture Items When Living in a Condo

    June 14, 2016 - 6 Important Furniture That You Should Buy If You Will Live In a Condo (Miami) photo

    It is an exciting experience to finally move in to your own place. Shopping for the right furniture to furnish your home will surely on top of your list. Before heading out and buying all the items on your list, consider the limited space of your new home. Be wise when choosing the furniture that you need to purchase. Here are some space-saving and multi-functional pieces that can help solve your small-space dilemmas.


    Sofa bed

    This is a very ideal piece of furniture especially if your home is a studio unit. Use it as a sofa during the day and convert it into a bed at night. It can also be useful for that surprise overnight visit from family or friends.


    Trundle bed

    Purchasing a trundle bed is a good choice, especially if you have children sharing a room. Pull out the bottom mattress for naps in the afternoon or to sleep at night. During the day, hide the second mattress, allowing for additional space for the kids to play.


    Center table

    You can use this piece of furniture in many ways. Store your magazines or favorites books, and organize remote controls or gadgets in a storage container on top or underneath the table. Conveniently, this can also be used as your dining or work table too!



    Pick chairs that are lightweight and multi-purposeful, so you can easily move and transfer them in different areas of your condo. Look for those that you can stack on top of each other to save on space when needed.

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