What are the things that you can usually see at your entryway? The usual things we see are shoes, shoe racks, table or other stuff that we often times have no more space inside the house. Keep in mind though that the entryway is the first area that our guests see. That’s why it is important that we keep this area in order and welcoming. Get a good first impression by making sure that you avoid these usual entryway mistakes:

    Arrange your shoes

    After a long day outside the house, it is just easier to remove our shoes by the door and leave them there. If all of the members of your family do this, then it will not be surprising to see a pile of shoes ready to welcome your guests.  It will be easier to keep your shoes organized by putting a shoe rack to arrange them. Look for slim shelves or racks so that it will not take up a lot of floor space in that area. Stackable containers are also a great alternative to shoe racks.

    Place storage option

    We typically remember that we forget a thing or two when we are about to go out the door. Put a storage solution, like a small cabinet, where you can place IDs, loose change, and other things so that you can just grab them and go. This is one way that you can avoid cluttering your entryway.

    Put a chair

    We often wear our shoes by the door. It will be easier and faster to do that if we have a space to sit. Place a small stool near your shoe rack. A mirror can also be added so that you can also check how you look like before going out.

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